Airblock Industrial Air Curtains


Airbloc AB industrial air curtains provide a barrier of high velocity air that helps block incoming winds and stops warm air escaping. They achieve this by

delivering a powerful barrier of heated air across the entire width of the doorway. Units can be easily fitted within

existing or new buildings and are ideal for open doorways. The open door not only causes discomfort but greatly increases energy loss and the running costs of the

building. Airbloc units offer a cost-effective, energy efficient solution to these problems. Units are best mounted

horizontally above the door to enable high-level warm air to be re-circulated to working level. Where over-door mounting is not possible, alternative units are available which may be mounted vertically at one or both sides of the door.


Features & Benefits

  • Lower energy bills; air curtains provide an effective barrier to prevent the loss of warm air through open doors
  • Complement and improve efficiency of conventional heating systems
  • Allow doors to be left open for fork lift access
  • Heated units can operate when the door is closed to provide supplementary heating
  • Models are supplied to site in modular format for ease of handling
  • All models are supplied with remote control panels
  • Optional fan speed control is available on all models


Model Range

  • Nine models, for door widths from 2 metres to 6.7 metres
  • Suitable for doorways up to six metres high
  • Heat outputs from 40kW to 210kW
  • Choice of ambient, gas, electric, LPHW or steam units
  • Units may be specified for either use on natural gas (G20) or propane (G31)
  • Standard units are suitable for horizontal mounting over the top of a door. For applications requiring vertical air curtains special 'tailor made' units are available


AB Series Applications

  • Distribution centres
  • Hangars
  • Industrial buildings
  • Retail unit stockrooms
  • Warehouses
  • Cold stores

When doors are opened in heated buildings, outside, colder, denser air flows in through the bottom half of the door opening, whilst warm internal air flows out through the upper part of the doorway. This results in considerable energy loss from the building and a layer of cold air forming at low level reducing comfort levels.

The Airbloc design provides air at a critical velocity, volume flow and temperature for optimum performance. The evenly distributed airflow across the full width of the door ensures effective tempering of incoming air. Industrial doors require high air volumes for effective climate separation, the width of the air jet is critical to the unit performance and to maintain optimum air velocity this requires high primary air volumes. Units with a low air volume and narrow jet width do not provide sufficient resistance to the cold outside air. The Airbloc units have a 155mm outlet which combined with the high primary air volume provides a far more effective air barrier against external cold air, thereby reducing cold air ingress and improving energy savings. To transform the turbulent airflow created at the fan outlet whilst at the same time optimising velocity the discharge section of the Airbloc units incorporate robust 70mm deep aluminium aerofoil profile blades which act as air straightening vanes to produce a laminar airflow discharge whilst minimising airflow resistance. To allow the air discharge to be adjusted to suit prevailing conditions, the complete assembly adjusts as a single section to maintain the airflow profile, once adjusted the complete assembly can then be locked into position. A three speed fan allows the airflow and velocity to be adjusted to suit varying door heights or exposure levels.

The installation of an Airbloc energy saving air curtain provides a barrier of air to separate the indoor and outdoor climates and deflect the natural convection airflow to retain heat inside the building. The units operate when door opens and can also operate after the door has closed to supply supplementary heat if required.

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