Gas fire Combined Heating and Ventilation


Heating and Ventilation

Nordair Niche is one of the UK's leading specialists in the design and manufacture of gas fired heating equipment. The comprehensive range of gas fired air heaters provides high efficiency combined heating and ventilation solutions across a broad spectrum of industrial and commercial applications.

Combined heating and ventilation units ensure precise control, excellent indoor air quality and optimum energy efficiency.

The units are available as either direct fired or indirect fired to give complete flexibility for optimum design capability. Both the direct fired and indirect fired range of units are fully CE approved and a comprehensive range of optional equipment can be added to the standard models to allow systems to be tailored to meet the requirements for factories, warehouses and other types of large open space buildings.

Where applicable the units are Energy Technology Listed by the Carbon Trust to allow qualifying users to claim 100% Enhanced Capital Allowances.

For large open areas the units are available with a wide range of optional air distribution heads to provide ductless air distribution. This is achieved by slightly pressuring the building to ensure very even air distribution both laterally and vertically, thereby eliminating the requirement for extensive distribution ductwork and high level de-stratification fan units.

Where ductwork is required the units can be supplied with either forward or backward curved fans to allow for ductwork resistance up to 2000 pascals thereby making them eminently suitable for use with air induction systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Fully CE approved units for both indoor and outdoor installation
  • High thermal efficiency for reduced operating costs
  • ECA listed models
  • SFP compliant with 2006 Building regulations
  • Fully compatible for use with transpired solar panels to facilitate use of renewable solar energy
  • Units are supplied fully wired and complete with controls
  • Close temperature control
  • Fully modulating direct gas fired burner control with 20:1 turn down ratio
  • Indirect fired units with turn down ratio of up to 12:1
  • Recuperative Heat Exchangers
  • Heating Cooling Units
  • Heat Recovery Units

Model Range and Options

  • Indirect gas fired unit's 15kW-900kW
  • Direct gas fired unit's 30kW-1200kW
  • Airflow range 0.5m3/s to 25m3/s
  • External static pressures up to 2000 pascals depending on airflow
  • Horizontal units
  • Vertical units
  • Indoor or fully weatherproofed outdoor units
  • Variable supply air volume with inverter drives
  • Panel and/or bag filters
  • Mixing box complete with dampers and optional actuators
  • Integral silencer section
  • Optional evaporative cooling module
  • Heat recovery
  • Air distribution heads

System Types
The units are designed to provide the primary heat source across a wide range of applications including:

  • Ductless air distribution
  • Air Induction systems
  • Tempered input ventilation
  • Industrial make up air
  • Industrial air displacement ventilation
  • Pressure ventilation systems

To maximise the efficiency of operation Nordair Niche supply a range of fully integrated control packages to suit each application. Units are supplied fully wired and complete with all starters and contactors etc, plus time and temperature control via an integral Trend controller. Optimised start and stop is included as standard and controls are password protected to prevent unauthorised adjustment.

For smaller systems a SmartCom control panel may be used instead of the Trend control to provide simple user-friendly control with a comprehensive range of features. The units are also fully compatible with BMS systems and alternative BMS Controls may be integrated within the control strategy.


  • Aircraft hangars
  • Arenas and exhibition halls
  • Factory heating and ventilation
  • Localised air replacement for booths and extract booths
  • Make-up air for buildings with mechanical exhaust
  • Sports halls
  • Swimming pool hall heating and condensation control
  • Warehouse and distribution centre heating

Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA)

The Government's Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme actively encourages industry and commerce to reduce energy consumption by promoting the use of energy efficient equipment. Enhanced Capital Allowances allow qualifying end users to offset 100% of equipment and directly associated installation costs against taxable profits.